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Jill Brenenstuhl



Jill Brenenstuhl is a longtime resident of Paradise Valley with a deep connection to the community. In 2005, Jill began her real estate practice, holding a real estate license in both Arizona and California. In her first year, Jill sold estates priced at $6 million and $4.4 million – a testament to her passion for and natural inclination toward luxury real estate.

Before becoming a licensed agent, for over two decades, Jill bought, sold, and remodeled luxury homes for her personal ventures. Over the years, she learned every aspect of real estate, market values, construction potential, and negotiations specializing in elite properties. Jill’s lucrative passion evolved into a thriving business led by referrals. She approaches and handles each real estate transaction as if it were her own and always provides exemplary service.

Before practicing real estate, Jill co-operated International Business Seminars, an accredited international travel program for college students, with her husband. Founded 40 years ago, International Business Seminars is still run by her husband, Dr. Daniel Brenenstuhl, and the couple hopes their children, Tyler and Julianne, will continue their legacy. The company hosts academic seminars with International businesses in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Jill credits the company for having made a direct positive impact in the lives of over 25,000 college students.

Jill notably has a dual citizenship with New Zealand. She attributes her earned knowledge of international business and her extensive global network, to further strengthening her acumen in areas of real estate business.

Walt Danley



Walt began his real estate career after trading rainy days in Portland, Oregon for our year-round sun and blue skies in 1977. He quickly discovered that his new career was a perfect fit. Not only was Walt named “Rookie of the Year” his first year in the business, he also outsold the established pros to earn the title of top company producer. Ever since then, Walt has consistently ranked among the top-selling Realtors in Arizona.

Walt has built his success on four guiding principles: integrity, knowledge of the market, understanding the needs of his clients, and old-fashioned hard work. These attributes, combined with his keen negotiating skills, have enabled Walt to log nearly $3 billion dollars in sales – a record unrivaled in Arizona’s luxury home market.

In addition to Walt’s numerous accolades and sales records, Walt has been consistently recognized as a leader among those watching the industry. He is a fixture on The Wall Street Journal’s list of the most prolific real estate agents in the country. He is also considered to be one of the 35 most influential people in real estate – a list that also includes Donald Trump and former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Walt’s expertise has even lead to the Superior Court of Arizona naming him a Special Real Estate Commissioner.

Walt began building his team in 2000 by hand-selecting real estate professionals that shared his energy, ethics, and client-centric focus. That team has evolved into Walt Danley Realty, a close-knit group of real estate professionals who combine their specialized talents to provide the finest real estate service in the nation. The synergy between Walt and his team creates an environment where success is the norm and results are delivered.

In addition to the contribution he makes to his profession, Walt is equally committed to improving our community. He is a strong supporter of the Humane Society, American Heart Association, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, and the Arizona Science Center.

Alison Campbell



Alison Campbell joined the Walt Danley Realty Group as the Executive Assistant to Walt in July 2017. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 2014 from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California in 2014 and is happy to back home in Arizona. Entering the office Alison is the first smiling face to welcome clients in. Highly organized and detail oriented, Alison manages the daily administrative priorities and some marketing tasks for the firm.

Alison currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and because of her love of acting and various theatrical opportunities she has received, she has resided in many different states in the country. She has come to find that nothing compares to her appreciation for the Arizona mountains and she loves to hike them from time to time. She is an active member of Southwest Shakespeare Company and believes in enhancing the cultural landscape of Arizona through her artistic endeavors.

Gary Edlund



Gary is a second-generation Arizona native, who grew up in Arcadia and Paradise Valley. He started his career in marketing as an advertising art director in San Francisco, where he worked on national advertising campaigns for Cisco Systems and a variety of internet startups, none of which were still in business a year later. It wasn’t his fault. It was San Francisco in the year 2000.

Gary went on to work for J. Walter Thompson in Chicago, where he worked on Western Union, Miller Beer, Blockbuster Video (again, not his fault,) Kraft Foods, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Gary left Chicago to develop national brand advertising for Toyota in Los Angeles, before he eventually got homesick and returned to the Valley where he has lived and worked ever since.

Gary came to Walt Danley Realty with a deep well of experience in photography, design and writing. His attention to aesthetics and tireless devotion to the artistic presentation of our properties gives Walt Danley Realty a real edge when it comes to marketing, and ultimately selling your property.

Kristine Remmers


Alex Rotundo



Alex Rotundo joined the Walt Danley Realty team in 2016 as our Marketing Specialist. As true Phoenician born in 1979 Alex has resided in Arizona for much of his life. Geared with his education in graphic and media arts, Alex left for Los Angeles and entered the luxury clothing and eyewear industry, which also drove him to Connecticut. Staying true to his Phoenician roots Alex left the cold winters in Connecticut to be home in the Valley of the Sun.

With prior experience in luxury industry Alex felt that Walt Danley Realty would allow him to enter a new luxury market. Passionate about all things design especially architecture, Alex found his niche at Walt Danley Realty.

In his free time Alex enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Meg and their fur baby Pistachio. As a lover of the arts and music Alex is also an avid collector of vinyl records.