The PV Luxury Real Estate Group is committed to providing our clients with first-class boutique service through our extensive knowledge of the luxury and investment markets, efficient contract negotiation, honest and ethical interaction with all parties, and consistent, purposeful communication.


Looking Towards The Future

While our industry is rapidly evolving, we are evolving with it.  Our approach to Real Estate is centered on the client’s needs and we adapt our plan for each individual client to achieve the best results.  In this fast paced society, we strive to bring calm and security to every transaction.  Life is unpredictable, so we want to take as much of the guesswork out of our client’s real estate transactions as possible. We are your partners in luxury real estate.


Your transaction is important to us! Our clients are our top priority and we work diligently to achieve the best end results for them. Our clients are never just a number, but truly become part of our lives in a variety of ways for years to come. Our business thrives on recommendations, referrals, and repeat clients who know we will go above and beyond for them, their friends, and their families. Let us help you find your next dream home.

Launch connects clients to the best of the best, combining skill, experience, reputation, a deep market knowledge, and marketing know-how, creating an unparalleled customer experience for you.

We are accessible. We return your calls, texts and emails with the same speed we demand from our own inquiries. We exist to make sure your transaction is handled smartly and skillfully—that you emerge from a real estate transaction with the satisfaction, pride and joy you deserve as you embark on the next stage of life’s journey.

Count on us for truth and transparency. You need and deserve the truth. The truth about what a home is worth. The truth about the market. The truth about where buyers come from, what marketing is most effective and what‘s a complete waste of time.

Sellers trust in our agent’s ability to close deals quickly at the most advantageous prices. Whether working with a local, national, or international client, we strive to make every transaction as seamless as possible.